Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bicycles are the traditional transportation

Bicycles are one of the other traditional forms of transport, with the times, as in already so many kinds, moped,Mountain Bike , mini bike and others, began to birth of a very simple form and wood raw materials in the 18th century continued to experience improvement
Function bike
1. transport equipment
as an environmentally friendly means of transportation, non-polluting, cheap / economical, and healthful, because it can be used as sports facilities.

2. entertainment
bikes can be used as a cheap entertainment suggestions and healthy, you can ride with the family on weekends, past rice fields is an interesting activity

interest in the use of traditional transportation such as bicycles are now increasing, as well as awareness to choose environmentally friendly transportation tool, efficient, free from traffic jams are also healthy, in my country have a lot in implementing "car free day" on Sunday, providing a special track bike, race bike relaxed and others,hopefully this development will become increasingly better

These are some of the other cycling equipment

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

traditional tranportations for you

one of the traditional transport is delman , vehicles with no engine, drawn by horses, with mention delman, train golden, buggy, sometimes the wheels of the tires or wooden wheels,Charles Theodore Deelman, the inventor is a litografer and engineers in the Dutch East Indies.
as a traditional transportation that is free of air pollution because without the engine and pulled by horses, are also environmentally friendly because their droppings can be used as fertilizer. current traditional transportation still exists both in Jakarta and in other cities, though more often used as ttrasportasi tour, you can find around the Monas Jakarta, in another city on Java island, the island of sumatra, Pulai NTB, Bali and other

Friday, December 31, 2010

Tips To Make Moving Cars Simple And Easy For You

There are thousands of people every day that need to move their vehicle to a new destination. For many people, this can seem like a very hard task to accomplish, but there are some tips that will make moving your automobile much simpler for you.

You will have no difficulty at all getting your vehicle to a new location, if you are smart and use these tips. The following are the tips that will make achieving this task simple.

One: The distance of the move needs to be considered - The first thing you need to do is to consider how far you need to move your automobile. For anyone that is moving their automobile only a short distance, moving it yourself might make more sense.

For moving your automobile to a destination that is a long distance, you will want to use tip number two.

Two: Get help with the move - There are many different auto transport companies these days that you can hire to help you make the move easier. You want to take time to look at each of the companies that you can find and research them carefully to choose the best one to hire.

They will do all of the hard work for you to get your automobile to the new destination. All you have to do is to hire them, but first take time to be sure they are dependable and that they offer you the best cost.

You want to be sure you get free estimates from more than one company before you decide to hire any. This will let you figure out which companies are affordable for you and which ones are over your budget. Just be sure you compare estimates to locate the best price for you.

Three: Get your vehicle ready - It doesn't matter if you are moving your vehicle yourself, or hiring a company to do it for you, you have to take time to prepare your vehicle for transport.

For anyone that is going to hire a company, you want to be sure you take out all of your personal items so they won't cause damage inside your automobile while it is being transported. Ask the company that you choose to hire, what their policies are for getting the automobile ready for transport.

Now that you are aware of the tips that can be use to make moving cars simpler, you just need to remember to use them. Getting your automobile doesn't have to be difficult if you are wise about how you go about achieving your goal of getting it to your new destination.
by: Maureen Romensya

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Atvs - the right transportation for you

ATVs are appropriate means of transport for us to open terrain, mountains, land area
product description:

Product Description

This Quad is a middle size ATV designed specifically for off-road fun. This streamlined vehicle, powered by a dependable 110CC 4 stroke, air cooled engine. The The durable double a-arm front suspension, rear single swing arm, drum/disc brake, and improved engine design will ensure a ride that is a cut above. To start off the safety features we will focus on the rear disc brake. Oncoming disaster can be quickly averted with this super strong disc that stops with incredible efficiency and speed. This quad also has extremely large 16 x 8 - 7 Powerwheel tires. With these large Powerwheels, your child will never have to experience slipping, fishtail, or getting stuck. This inexpensive atv features an adjustable throttle limiter which allows you to set how much power the engine puts out which in turn, controls how fast the vehicle will go. This is a perfect way to gradually build your child's skill and confidence in riding so by the time you have taken off any limit, your child will be well prepared to handle it. With the cost of gas these days fuel efficiency is always a top priority. Smooth and reliable 110cc engine gives your children the chance to enjoy a type of fun only realized with their time riding your family's ATV. This high quality ATV will give an ABUNDANCE OF FUN & MEMORIES!

110cc Four Wheelers 7

list price : $ 950.00

Price: $599.00

you save : $ 351.00 (37%)

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Atvs - the right transportation for you

Atvs are appropriate means of transport for us to open terrain, mountains, land area

Product Features

  • Single Cylinder,4 stroke 110cc, Air-cooled Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Front/Rear Tires 145/70-6
  • Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Remote Control Shut Off, Speed Restrictor(Governor)

List Price: $800.00
Price: $550.00
You Save: $250.00 (31%)

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boats - the right transportation for you

appropriate means of transport for us to tour the water are boats that use the pedal as a source of power, boats can also be used as a family recreation equipment with a passenger capacity of 3 to 5 people. for transactions and more details please click here
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boats - the right transportation for you

appropriate means of transport for us to boats along the river is resistant to stone impact, boats can also be used as water sports equipment. for transactions and more details please click here.
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